Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Spring Lake Government Needs

After the residents of Spring Lake Township voted against having a 'professional' township supervisor, the township is moving ahead with plans to seek a 'professional' township supervisor.

One would hope that such a 'professional' would understand that government, at least in this country, is of, by, and for the people. In other words, the government leaders should heed election results that represent the voice of the people.

What the current township leaders really need is a civics lesson. Or, judging by the way they act towards each other lately, a session with Dr. Phil. Maybe a kindergarten teacher. Perhaps a 'time out.' It seems that the less they do, the better off we citizens are.

Ultimately, what they all need is to become professional themselves. To be a professional does not necessarily possessing an appropriate degree, license or years of experience. It means understanding that your job is a service to society, and practicing accordingly. That's the reason lawyers, doctors, accountants etc are called "professionals"--because they provide forums for civil resolution of disputes, health care, and other services that maintain social stability and well being.

Stability and well-being are sadly lacking in Spring Lake Township these days. Not for the lack of a professional manager, though. It's due to the lack of professional behavior by those fellow citizens elected to serve us.

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