Thursday, June 28, 2007

Smoke Signals Carry South

After my earlier post about smoking restrictions on Muskegon beaches, I''m glad to see the Ottawa County Parks Department will institute a complete ban on smoking on county beaches. If only the state park would follow suit.

Trash is the reason for the ban--more than 50% of trash on the beaches is the butts and packages of cigarettes and cigars. Yuck!

But the smoke is another good one. Second-hand smoke is proven dangerous. And even though beaches are outside, we non-smokers still suffer downwind from inconsiderate puffers.

They may complain, but you know, every right comes with responsibility. If they think they have a right to smoke, they should have proven they have the responsibility of not using the beach as an ashtray. But smokers are inferior people, generally. If they ignore surgeon general's warnings and aren't responsible for their OWN health, why could we expect them to be socially responsible with regard to others and the environment?

We can't. That's why they brought this ban on themselves.


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