Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stanley Cup Runneth All Over Grand Haven

My wife and I were heading back from the beach yesterday afternoon when I saw an unusual crowd in the parking lot of Butch's Beach Burritos. "Crazy tourists," I said. My wife had a different reaction: "It's the Stanley Cup!"

Huh? This woman doesn't even watch hockey. Could she know what she was talking about? I couldn't get a look because I had to navigate beach traffic. So we pulled in to the YMCA parking lot and ran back to Butch's. By the time we got there, the parking lot was at a normal level of activity. The Cup was gone.

So I channeled Wayne Gretsky and thought: we gotta go to where the Cup will be, not where it is!

My wife  came through again. "I bet they'll go to Pronto Pups," she mused.

So we took off, parked behind some condos, and...score! There was Lord Stanley's Cup, surrounded by corn dogs on sticks instead of hockey sticks. Pittsburgh Penguins Coach and Grand Haven native Dan Bylsma was posing with passersby and delighted Pronto Pups proprietors.

We walked down the street and followed the cup to the Dairy Treat, where they filled it with mint chocolate chip ice cream and let people eat from it. The entourage moved from there toward Washington Street and other spots in town. 

For one day, Grand Haven had what Detroit could not get this year.

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